Program Overview

The Incredible Years is an early childhood emotional and social health program designed to increase a child’s success at school and at home by promoting positive parent, teacher, and child relationships.

The program improves school performance, reduces child behavior problems, promotes positive and consistent discipline, and supports caregivers through a holistic approach involving children, parents, and teachers.

And, like every Invest in Kids program, The Incredible Years is proven to be effective through research, measurable community impact, and ongoing sustainability.



The Incredible Years addresses the unique needs of each audience through distinct, yet integrated strategies and skill-building programs. Each program within The Incredible Years has been created to be culturally sensitive and developmentally age appropriate.


Invest in Kids is responsible for making The Incredible Years accessible to communities across Colorado. We are the only authorized program trainer in the state, and offer intensive coaching and ongoing evaluation for teachers and parent group leaders to ensure long-term program success and impact.


In a series of studies involving low-income parents and their children, The Incredible Years programs produced the following remarkable results:

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