Did you know that many companies will match employee gifts to eligible nonprofit organizations as a way to encourage their employees to give back to the community? Some even match donations from spouses, board members or retirees. With employer matched gifts, you can double or even triple your contribution to Invest in Kids! This means that your gift can have twice or three times the impact in improving the lives of young children and families throughout Colorado.

Do you volunteer with Invest in Kids? Turn your volunteer hours into dollars for Colorado’s children! Many companies also have a volunteer matching gift program in which they donate to qualifying organizations where their employees volunteer.


What are employee matching gift programs?
Employee matching gift programs are corporate giving programs in which the company matches donations made by employees to eligible nonprofit organizations. It’s an easy way to double your contribution to us!



What are volunteer grant programs?
Volunteer grant programs are corporate giving programs in which companies provide monetary donations to organizations where employees volunteer regularly. If you volunteer with us, it’s an easy way to help us receive additional financial support!

Who is eligible?
Eligibility rules vary by company but your eligibility is normally based on your employment status and length of employment.

Employment status: At almost all companies, full-time employees and board members are eligible. In many cases, spouses, part-time employees, and retirees can participate as well.

Length of employment: In most cases, there is no minimum length of employment requirement. A few companies will require you to have been employed for a specified amount of time (usually 3-12 months). Your company’s official guidelines will outline all of the requirements.

How do I request a matching gift or volunteer grant?
Requesting a matching gift or volunteer grant is normally a five minute process which must be initiated by the donor / volunteer. You can do this through an electronic submission process or by filling out and submitting a paper match form provided by your employer. Please search our database above for company specific information.

Electronic submission: The company will direct you to a website where you can complete the matching gift request electronically.
Sometimes you’ll need your employee ID and password to access the company specific site. You’ll then enter your gift information, the amount, date, and locate Invest in Kids by name and address (see below) or by our tax ID number: 84-1455282. In some cases, the matching gift website is accessed through the company intranet.

Paper form: The gift matching process typically involves two steps.

Step 1: Employees complete section A on the form and then submit it to the nonprofit.
Step 2: The nonprofit verifies the donation, completes section B on the form, and then submits it back to the company.

Still have questions?
For questions regarding your company’s programs, please contact your employer’s HR or community giving department. Much of the necessary information is also available on your company intranet.

Already have your form? Please mail it to:

Invest in Kids
1775 Sherman Street, Suite 1445
Denver, CO 80203

If you do not find your employer listed, please check with your company’s Human Resources department to see if your company offers a matching gift program. If you are a company and are interested in starting a matching gift program for your employees, email Maribeth Waldrep at mwaldrep@iik.org

Invest in Kids is a public charity classified as exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. The tax ID number is 84-1455282.

For questions regarding submitting a matching gift or volunteer grant request to us, please contact Maribeth Waldrep

Donate to support Colorado’s children!