Our focus on evaluation and quality improvement from the start drives how we facilitate the implementation of our programs over time.

First, we identify the right programs:

  • Meet with local leaders throughout the state to ascertain service needs
  • Focus on programs predominantly serving low-income children (ages 0-8) and their families
  • Identify programs that have been rigorously researched, demonstrate cost savings, and have a well-defined model for replication

Next, we introduce these proven programs into Colorado communities:

  • Engage diverse stakeholders
  • Build (or work with existing) coalitions for support and oversight

Then, we implement the programs through collaboration with agency partners and community leaders:

  • Secure funding at the local, state, and federal levels, through public and private sources
  • Provide training, technical assistance and ongoing professional development

Lastly, we ensure each program’s ongoing success and sustainability:

  • Strict adherence to guidelines of delivery and quality improvement
  • Measurement of outcomes
  • Ongoing evaluation for fidelity, accountability, and sustainability


Please check out the results specific to each Invest in Kids program.