In Colorado, more than 150,000 children live in poverty and face steep barriers as they prepare for school and life. These children have higher rates of academic failure, grade retention, school drop-outs, teen parenthood, smoking and illegal drug use. They are also more likely to have employment difficulties as adults, have an increased risk of incarceration, and remain in the cycle of poverty over their lifetime. These outcomes are likely due to the fact that poverty saddles children with a seemingly insurmountable disadvantage at perhaps the most critical time in their lives. 

Early Childhood Interventions

Research shows that these outcomes are preventable. Early childhood interventions have lasting positive effects for children raised in poverty and their families. Unfortunately, many children living in poverty today do not have access to this type of support. Understanding that disparities exist within low-income populations, Invest in Kids works to ensure all children have the opportunities, conditions and supports to succeed. To help all children reach their fullest potential in life, access to research-based proven early childhood intervention programs and support is imperative.